Benign Lumps on Skin

Benign Lumps on Skin

Benign Lumps on Skin

By Dr. Riffat Sadiq

Many women are aware of the importance of breast self-exams for the early detection of breast cancer. Anytime a woman finds a lump, it is important that she contact her health care provider immediately to have the lump examined. But if the lump is not cancer, what is it? There are three types of benign lumps:

1. Cysts are non - cancerous collections of fluid that develop anywhere in the breast tissue.

2. Fibro adenomas, which are also benign, are a group of cells that often develop closer to the surface of the breast, and usually in younger woman.

3. Pseudo lumps may be scar tissue, fat, or simply a rib bone pressing into the breast tissue and compressing it. They often appear after any type of breast surgery.

Women experience various kinds of breast lumps and other changes that normally occur during the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, and with aging. Some studies show that the chances of developing benign breast changes are higher for women who have never had children, have irregular menstrual cycles, or have family history of breast cancer.

Note: 1 in 1000 people will be affected by this disease in their lifetime.

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